October 8th, 2003



You are a banana! Good job, captain obvious.

which rejected character are you?
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Aaah, Acen *squee!*

Ok, I just had to do it again and get this ...

consumer whore
You're a consumer whore! And how!

which rejected character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Because, as Bunny so magically stated in her video, I am a consumer whore (and how!)

Now, to get down to business. Cheryl called and said there was some HP special on TV, talking about some psycotic christian woman advocating that the books teach witchcraft ..

I should post my 15 page final paper from freshman year English that I wrote on the subject.

Would anyone read it if I did?

Time to clean/work/do stuff because ONCE AGAIN Colleen has decided to ignore me/fallen asleep ¬_¬
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So, this isn't the first time someone's called my hypocritical. But I can't help it.

But I really don't like it when people shove it in my face.

Everyone screws up.

Leave me the hell alone.

And I'm still mad at Colleen, but I don't want to give her up ... as much as I should.

If there's one thing I hate, it's when people talk to me about their relationships with others. That pisses me off so much, to the point where I may not talk to you for a few days if you are all *sqee* about it.

Woo, what a fucking wonderful day.

And tomorrow's my shitty one. Get this, I put off my 5 page paper, tomorrow's my busy day, I'm gonna be running my arse off tomorrow, and it's still uncertain if I'll be able to finish this bloody paper on time and get it printed out ...

*sigh* Funny how my roommate is talking to be about some ... kids in Iowa tht commited suicide ... *rolls eyes*
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