October 3rd, 2003



I have a whole new love for Mr. Mana. And in general, a whole new outlook on Malice Mizer.

I DLed most of the Fanclub ... thing, with Klaha, not Kami. The little sounds Mana makes when he does cute little actions had me giggling like a little school girl. And to hear Kozi and Yu~ki's voice, even if I can't quite understand them, it's amusing.

Klaha even amuses me. Klaha has never amused me. And I've always taken them so incredibly seriously. In their Bara outfits no less, it makes me want to take them seriously. Not any more!

And the fact that they're faning themselves off on stage with their Malice Mizer fans is priceless.

Waha! Kozi is gonna make up this fan like Dracula! AWESOME! Dude, I would love for Kozi to do my make up ... Whoo, I can see up Mana's skirt ^_^

This is just so amusing to watch. I shouldn't have stopped DLing it ... but I have less than a gig left on my pc ><

LOL! Yu~ki is talking for the girl that can't talk because she's got dracula teeth in her mouth. Awesome, Kozi won the contest!

LMFAO! Mana TOTALLY just clocked Yu~ki for sucking at dancing. Damnit, and that's when my DL ends ... shit, I need to get the rest of this ... maybe I should just buy it ... can you?