September 29th, 2003


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Last night was surprisingly fun. They were totally friendly and really awesome. We talked a lot about what we did over the summer, I explained to them how the Harry Potter convention went, they seemed happy for me. Erin is still with the teacher boyfriend, Cheryls got a new guy. Figures, really.

We watched Rocky V, ate cookies and popcorn, Erin left because she had a movie that was 3 weeks late and she had to return it. I'm thinking ... here it is, almost midnight, and she wants to return the movie now? Why didn't she do it before? Oh well.

Today, I'm going to work on those templates. I must, or I'm in trouble. Three of them this time instead of 2, and I'm not just drawing simple lines either. I've got to remember not to put my face too close to the permanent markers >< That would really suck if I got sick every time I did a bloody project e.e;

Oh! I got my Sleepy Hollow DVD back! MUWAH! I *knew* Cheryl had it! She was LYING about it! Grrr. But, I stole it back. So now I have Icabod, and I'm all happy again ...

And about Dogma. Iola gave me this wonderful story that I'm not sure I really belief or not. She was dating some girl over the summer, and she stole it. And now Iola doesn't talk to her any more ... sooo, my DVD's lost. I'd like to go find this bitch and say, "Y'know what, it's not cool when you steal stuff from other people because you're mad at them, thinking it's their stuff, but really it's not?" And then punch her in the face.

I got an awesome deal on that limited edition DVD, and now it's gone. And I really don't feel like spending $30 to go find the un-limited edition.

Yes, templates. Must make templates ...
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