September 28th, 2003


Wow ...

I just checked my old phone (damnit, I still need to cancel my AT&T service!) and I had three voice messages. I was really only expecting one. Keidy called to say that she got the room for Reactor. This is good. Cheryl called too, saying she was thinking about me. That's kinda cool, because I was thinking about her too. She wants to meet up sometime, but I don't know how old that phonecall was. And then Molly called, hoping that I feel better. Too bad I couldn't talk to them. I'm planning on calling Cheryl back sometime, because I'm thinking she'll be my hook up. I'm glad she still wants to talk to me and stuff. I think she just wants to still keep in touch because I can alter her clothes for her. But that's ok. She's a good pal. And I assume she's still friends with Erin.

God, today is going to be one HELL of a boring day, unless I start to do something. Which, I do have a TON of things to do. A ton ... really. I should really get started on making Moon Tour Gackt, but I'm just so afraid to start cutting up all that expensive imitation leather stuff. *fidget* But, it has to be done SOMETIME SOON OR I WON'T BE GACKT! And I want to be him. Even though I'm not a size zero, and not asian and not a boi ... I still want to be him.

Sparrow shirt has button holes added to it. Now I need to sew on the buttons, and it is DONE. Put the gromets in the vest, laced it up (upside down, no less -_- Need to fix that) All I need to finish on that is weathering it with some watered down bleech and some sand paper. Worked on adding more doo-dads to the wig, s'more dreds and more coins. I have to face my wig head facing out the window because it creeps out Rachel XD. Good. I'm glad it creeps her out.

But ... current annoyance: that Moon Tour Gackt will not magically finish on its own.

Ooh, I got a paycheck too! $85! Wowie, I'm rich.

Speaking of rich, Drew is. His job at T-Mo is giving him all sorts of delicious perks. Not to mention, if he meets his quota of 40-something activations a month, he gets a $900 bonus O_o. Lucky son of a BITCH. On top of that, he's getting paid $9.65 an hour ... -_- He's happy though, without Callie. I guess that's a good thing, because Callie seems to have moved on very quickly. I saw her with a new beau not too long ago.

I should maybe work on some of my Design 1 stuff. I need to talk to Lana about what I missed on Thursday. I have to make grids and make the templates for my 3 symbols O_o; shit, that's gonna be a LOT of work ... *grumble*
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So ... I have about an hour until I'm going to a party to see my old roommate and some of her stoner friends. I'm only going because I really do want to see Cheryl.

I'm nervous. I don't know how they're going to take to me again. I mean, they kept calling me the coolest roommate, but ... *shrug*

Wish me ... err ... luck?
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