September 14th, 2003



It was Johnny night tonight. Lots of good Johnny moments, including getting my Sparrow wig, and went to see Once Upon A Time in Mexico and PotC back to back. The greatest part ... the two separate movies were playing in the same theater, and we sat in the exact same seats! Woo!

OUATiM was not too bad. Poor Johnny ;_; I have no idea what his character's name was. All I know was that he was a CIA agent. *shrug* There wasn't as much Johnny as I wanted, probably why he was all about why he wanted to do more shooting. Understandable.

This 3rd showing of PotC was a strictly 'costume' watch. I noticed the back of his coat has more of those ... ermm ... button-hole type things? I have no idea what they're called ... I need more buttons, a lot more. And more coins to bead into my hair, and some different types of ribbon.

Quote of the eve: "Are you a Mexican? Or a Mexican't?"

Ok, I'm tired -_- g'night you skervy dogs, you fuck m00ks! That's right, you heard me! I called you a fuck m00k!
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You are in another world
You are Fantasy. You have an active and firey
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Ok, todays chores:
1.) drop that psy class
2.) get a dog bone
3.) get bleech
4.) work on sewing stuff
5.) clean up room
6.) call parents to get money ><

fuck m00k! fuck m00k!
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