September 10th, 2003



My life is going down the shitter as I speak. Class schedule was fucked up, the school thinks I'm in Theater and not in LA&S because apparently they didn't get my decline to join the Theater school ... fuck ...

I tried switching, but my GPA is too low, so I have to talk to the Theater school about switching SOMETHING THAT SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN! GRAH!

Fuck you DePaul. You only want my fucking money! I'm thisclose from just dropping out, sueing DePaul for taking my money and not teaching me anything.

So, on another note, I cut out my fabric for my Jack shirt, can't wait to put it all together now. I need interfacing from Ann tho, and I need to give Sawako back her Psycho and Deg cds.

So ... that's that ... I'm fucked ... I hate this ...

And I need a hair cut ... and to dye my hair Gacktly colours. Yeah, like I have money for that ... *sigh*
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