September 3rd, 2003


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Long night last night. Spent it watching a lot of queer tv shows. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is an excellent show. I like the blond guy, kinda reminds me of what Draco will be when he turns ... I dunno ... 40? And the dancing guy showed the straight one this awesome dance move that I think I'll try sometime ... whenever I get the nerve to go dancing. Meh.

Then we watched the last episode of Boy Meets Boy. Watching the very last episode of a show you haven't seen any other episodes is quite an interesting thing. I watched the last episode of Joe Millionaire. But this last ep of Boy Meets Boy, there are 3 guys left for the ... dude to choose, and one of them just so happens to be STRAIGHT! *gasp* And then the guy and his best girl friend talk about the past boys and how they thought a few of them were straight, and then they'd shoot to images of these supposed straight boys, and you'd find out some of them were gay and some of them weren't. Shock!

Well, he ditches the one guy I knew was gay, but I didn't think would look cute with him. Then he tells off the guy I thought was straight for being straight (not, like, in a mean way or anything ... ) and he was right, that guy was gay. By then, my roommate and I were tired, we found out who the straight guy was, and then we decided to head off to bed. Wee!

Now that I'm up, I feel dirty, so I need a shower. But I'm hungry, and I have no milk for my cereal ;_; So ... a granola bar it is!
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I got it! I *finally* got it! Thanks be to alyssia_malfoy for the hint at trying out WinMX. I got it my very first DL! *snuggles computer tower*

So yeah ... another day went by, wasted so wonderfully. All I did was get my ID double striped, found out the Loop cafe is open until 2:30 onmy M-F during the summer. I'm going to head on over there for breakfast tomorrow, YAY!

Also got some cash, had to pay for my ID, got some Starbucks, thanks to Keidy!

Tomorrow ... hmm, I need to call AT&T to see if my contract is truly up with the company, send out my T-Mobile rebate, and call my dad to tell him my new cell #. I have a feeling this weekend is going to be quite ... interesting.

My debit card was stolen from me, and up until the 29th, it wasn't used. Suddenly, there were 2 unauthorized transactions. Both from websites, one was for printer ink cartriages and the other was for some general credit card info gathering site. *sigh* so, there's $200 less in my bank, of which I don't really know if my 'rents will reimburse (sp??) me for ... I know it was my bro who used my debit card, and there's no way in HELL he'll ever be able to pay it back. Even if I let him borrow a buck, I know he'll never pay me back. NEVER. And then $150 for the phone ... I have a feeling pops won't .. really .. pay me back for that either. He'll pay for my school books ... I dunno, it's hard having to grow up -_-;

I have PotC now! *squeal*
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