September 1st, 2003


... and really bad eggs ...

I think I have werewolf disease. I can't stop scratching my legs. I'm getting all these hideous under the skin welts on my legs. And I put a ton of lotion on them last night. I might want to try that super medicated stuff today.

I had a wierd sort of FBI dream last night, Collapse )

Yay for my first Jack dream!Must've been that program I watched last night.

Johnny's best advice for a recent acting graduate: "If you're getting picked on, just ignore it the best you can. If the bully persists their taunting, just ignore it. But if they ever lay a hand on you, or touch you in any way, pick up the nearest rock or blunt object and lay them to waste ... "

Johhny's mom is so cool ... and god, do I want his hair *_* it's so thick and gorgeously brunette. I need to see him in that Don Juan movie. And apparently, he had so much fun on "Once Upon A Time in Mexico" that he wanted to stay later, shoot more scenes, add some in there. Oooh, Johnny is my new boi toi. I love you Johnny!

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