August 30th, 2003


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Lots goin' down here at DoM. Drew found out Callie was in her dorm last night, went all apeshit, I got a little sick and decided to go to bed early, and yet I still woke up later than usual. Drew and I were going to make french toast again this morning. I hope he wants to use his kitchen .. I just cleaned mine. It's amazing how quickly dishes can pile up.

So, mum and dad stopped by yesterday. Mum didn't like the pirate flag, didn't like my outfit, didn't like anything about me that wasn't feminine. She gave me really good advice for the way we should set up our bedroom to accomodate for another desk.

Drew's french -- err, freedom toast isn't as good as mine. Actually, it was Callie that made it. I like my bread drenched in egg, not just lightly coated with it. Drew's brother Adam tops his with nothing but butter and powdered sugar. >< He says sometimes he just mixes butter and powdered sugar together and eats it straight like that O_o;

Oh well, time to shower methinks ... and back to making more iconses! :D

Blue rose, I got a good one for you, if I can make it spiffy, then it'll be even cooler :D
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