August 29th, 2003


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Drew and my roommate played a pretty dirty trick on me last night. They did something to my computer. They were suggesting songs I should DL, and then they say something about how I can check out Andrew's list of songs on Kazaa, because we're on the same network. This sounds like bullshit to me, but they name a few songs, ones I'd never DL, and they're suddenly on my Kazaa audio folder. I said 'fuck you' many times, they continued with this stupid game, I ignored them and went to bed, not very happy, nor trusting of Drew any more. It probably didn't help that I was sorta buzzed either. I get emotional when buzzed.

Well, I showed Ann the light that is PotC. She loved it, wants to see it again and all, wants to become a pirate too. She says she rarely goes to movies because she doesn't like going alone. I can understand that. I don't either, although I have gone to see movies alone before. I'm now her official movie buddy, which is nice.

It's looking cloudy and rather gross outside. I bet it's going to rain ... I don't see anyone with umbrellas though. Lookit all those tiny ant people ... *giggle*

Oh! I found an excellent PotC screen caps page, and now I shall make a TON of PotC icons for mesa and others who want them. I'm particular, I want an icon that says "Seaturtles" XD and one that says "Savvy?" and one that says "Nice hat ... " and one with "JSxWT" XD Even though I'm not a huge fan of that pairing. And just a WHOLE shiteload more ... funny ones, I hope to come up with. Oh, the website! Right! Enjoy!
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