August 26th, 2003


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Oh ghey 'puter, you won't copy and paste the fun thingies that other people have up on their LJs, you make me sad.

Moving into the city, there were a lot of things I really didn't take into account. Other than it being wickedly cool being so close to one of the most expensive places in the country, there's a lot I need to learn about being down here. Last night, I started walking home from Jen's place at around 8. Almost as soon as I stepped out of her door, I was passing at least 3 bums wanting change, someone asking for cigarettes, and a few muttering people that looked at me with derranged eyes. Once I stepped onto Michigan ave, about a block up, I felt safer, for some reason.

I'm finding myself not sure of what I want to wear ... and almost wanting to be back home, after all of my complaining that I wanted to get here and never leave. I don't know why. Maybe I miss my car? Or maybe I'm intimidated by the city?It's not just some sort of mood swing. I was just on my rag, that shouldn't be the problem or anything.

Wow, why is it so hard for me to find a bootleg of PotC on Kazaa? *grumble* stoopid DSL!
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