August 25th, 2003



Oh my god, YES!

I'm finally on the internet! Andrew was right, DSL really blows. But now that I'm online, I never want to leave my new home! Speaking of my new home, anyone have some webspace for me to post just 3 or 4 pictures of my new apartment so everyone can see? I can just see you all rushing to my aid! <_< ... Well, let's see ... I had 2 Gackt dreams recently. One where I gave Gackt costume advice, and one where he couldn't stop hugging me. Yeah .. wierd. I stole a HP5 little like ... cardboard ... stand up thing from Wal Mart. It's like, 6 inches tall and says "Is Harry Ready? Are you?" and then it's just a big picture of Harry's face. *giggle* Moving in was good. Dad dropped off everything, then just left me to unpack. About 20 minutes after he left, my roommate arrived. Skinny, almost anarexic I want to say, somewhat flighty, but I don't think it'll be such a big problem. Right now, it seems to be that Drew, me and Amanda are the only ones around, which isn't so bad. There's only 5 apartments per floor and I haven't seen any other of my floor buddies, except for the chick Rachel that lives in 1103. I don't know who's living in 1101. Wow ... this post has been here all day and I never clicked "update" ... damn ... maybe I should like ... do that ... and change the time too ...