August 5th, 2003


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I have a full 5 days of work ahead of me, and I'm just not looking forward to it. I like this whole "Start your work week on Wed so that you'll have Monday and Tuesday off" and I hope Donna keeps that for me.

I'm really hungry, but nothing that's open will have any sort of non-breakfast food, except maybe like ... the gas station ><

I don't know why I keep splurging. I don't have money to splurge. I won't have money for school, or the rest of my life. I need to go to web registration and take of Japanese and put in some other class, maybe 2 more. I can't fail any classes this quarter or I'm royally fucked. I also have to remember to sign up for summer classes. Drew said he was going to call DoM to find out what we have to do for that half of a month that we're not on the lease for the building. Hopefully the University dorm will be completed. Drew and I both think we're going to live there, once it's finished. I wonder how much of it is done now. Last I saw it, they still needed to put at least 10 more floors on it.

Boy, I can't help but rant now adays. Maybe I'll go .. just .. drive around. Or something ...

for any of my friends out there that are planning on a Jack Sparrow costume for Halloween, the best site to go to, if you have no sewing skills and want to just buy everything, is

They have the boots, the ren shirts, even the captains jacket! They have the scarves, the sword, a huge selection of flintlock pistols to load your one bullet into, but no hats :( It's an excellent site. I'm going to get the boots and possibly the sword and flintlock. The rest can be made, if only I can find some proper fabric.

I just want to move in now, get away from my parents or something ... graah

Ok, shutting up -_-
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