August 4th, 2003


hrmmm ...

forgive me if I've posted something redundent already today, but I feel like spilling stuff about my day.

Woke up, went to the bank to cash my stock dividend (wow! A whole $12!) then went in search of ... stuff. Went to eat at Wendy's, had a Fatty McFattums burger, then headed to ... Bed Bath & Beyond to look for possible things needed for skool. I need new blankets ... but other than that, there isn't much I need. I head to Best Buy and pick up the PotC soundtrack. OMG it's amazing. It's definately got hints of Gladiator in it, and it's almost non-stop action music, until the last 3 or 4 tracks, where they're mostly soft.

Popped that in, listened to it the rest of the day. Went to Murrays to find some costume things, and end up with a skull and crossbones windsock and 3 $.60 Stargate pins. I swear, Murray's has a ton of all these early 90's Stargate things. It's incredible. I don't know if they've had them ever since 1990 or if they keep buying more old Stargate stuff? I dunno. The keychains are 1) the Stargate itself, 2) a Stargate logo and 3) Ra's mother ship pyramid dealie. All of them have that early 90's quality to them, faded colours, cheap gold looking stuff ... but hey, they were $.60, and I'ma give one to my Stargate pal alyssia_malfoy ;)

Headed to the mall to look for other stuff, ended up finding a place that has pirate flags, good ones. Bought a pirate flag, came home, I see my dad's car in the garage. He's home? But he's suppose to be in Cali ...

He couldn't get to his plane. There was an accident on the highway to O'Hare, he was stuck there. There were delays and cancellations all over the place, so it was hard to just get anywhere. Couldn't get on his flight, came home, and had a converence call that kicked me out of the den and away from the 'puter.

So, I put all my fabric away in my new container, cleaned up my room a bit ...

Now ... I'm back ... yippy! Oh, right. Worked on fixing up Vash coat. God damnit, I got fatter >< the coat barely fits me >O Oh well, it'll be ok, for the day e.e;

yay, end of rant! *VOIP!*
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