July 31st, 2003


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So, I have more votes for Vash than anything else. It's such a ghetto costume in my opinion ... I mean, it's not uber spectacular or anything. But if I'm going to go as him, I'm going to have to find black gloves, the gold rings, and a black turtle neck again ... and find my pads ... and gun ... damn, where did my gun go? I bet dad threw it out, thinking it was real or summat ... but, considering it's a comic book con, I really don't think much HP will be liked there ... sure, LotR can be at a comic con, but one look at a HP cosplayer and everyone hates you. So, it looks like Vash it is ... oh, I can't wait to see Ray Parks face ...

Me: "Excuse me, Mr. Park? uhm ... can I have a hug?" *dressed as Vash ... again ...* (the first time I ever met him, I was dressed as Vash ^_^; )
Ray: "uhm ... errr ... ok" *cute Cockney accent*
Me: *squee! hug* "Hey, d'you remember about ... oh ... 2 years ago, a couple of crazy girls gave you a framed piece of red lingerie?"
Ray: " .... "
Me: "Yeah well, I was one of them ... I was just wondering ... do you still have it?"
Ray's Girlfriend: *death glare*

Yeah, that's pretty much how I invision our meeting going ...

I got a wonderful voice message from Drew, saying that DoM stuffs in my e-mail. Sure enough, it was! Drew said his mentioned his roommate and move in stuffs.

My e-mail says I still am to be assigned a roommate. Wow, could I possibly getting the room to myself? Oh, would that be SWEET! At least for the first quarter. Drew told me we don't actually start classes until Sept. 10th. Which means I'd be staying in my dorm all alone for 2 WEEKS! WUUPAH!

Oh god, I can't wait to move back ... I just really really can't ... my new home, down town Chicago ... *dreamy sigh*

Now to go get properly cleansed of all filth from work! Blarg!
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