July 30th, 2003


Wow ...

No more hair gel for Draco?! *gasp!* Too bad the picture I found of him is half blurry ... it almost looks like Draco is wearing a black jacket with black feathers around the collar and cuffs *snrk*

A lot more news is poping up about PoA. This is a good thing, considering the first trailer is due out in ... damn, 5 months? We still have almost a year to wait for the finished film. And if I don't see any pictures of Snape in drag soon, I'ma ... well,I dunno what ...

/pointless early morning rant

Yarrr, that be some great ass!

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Omg, alyssia_malfoy you ROCK!!

20+ people on the Hoggie Express to Ottawa, a year from today! And I'm sure more will join us. It's just going to be one amazing trip that I cannot miss out on. It's going to be so amazing, why didn't we think of this for Nimbus?

I smell like outdoors. I feel like outdoors. I have rashes on my legs from being outdoors. I hate the outdoors.

I want a pie cannon ... mmm, pie cannon ...

Ok, even though I don't have the ability to make polls, because I'm not a paid member, I need your advice ...

What costume should I wear to Wizard World, a comic book con that I'm only attending Saturday:
1) Vash the Stampede
2) Gekka Kozi
3) Snape
4) video game version Harry
5) Hatsuharu Sohma
6) ????
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Too good not to post here ...

Too bad I don't have the first part ... but I think this is the best so far:

TamaraNathan [9:41 PM]: So, why is potions your only love in life?
TamaraNathan [9:44 PM]: this is not my email address Severus. My email address is IrisMantaena@hotmail.com i believe. i hardly use this one. Its holiday from hogwarts now isnt it? chat to me Severus
TamaraNathan [9:46 PM]: Does it take a month to prepare that potion? I do have a confession to tell you Severus.
TamaraNathan [9:48 PM]: i do have a confession to tell you Severus .
TamaraNathan [9:49 PM]: :-$

TamaraNathan [9:51 PM]: Well, my confession is ... I Love You. and although you say your potion teaching is the love of your life, i understand but i love you. Truly. Pls respond. Just contacting this faerie that wont leave me alone. oh. your gay?
TamaraNathan [9:54 PM]: Severus, perhaps you are busy working on something at the moment - but i dont see the harm in chatting a bit. Why is it not likely you will get married? tell me more about this potion, - why is it so deadly?
TamaraNathan [9:56 PM]: ?
TamaraNathan [9:56 PM]: Severus, is there any more news on "you know who"?
TamaraNathan [9:59 PM]: Severus, i cannot help my feelings for you. Perhaps you should give me a chance - are you ok? im worried now... obscurity is divinity
TamaraNathan [10:01 PM]: no actually, you have to give me a chance. the future says we will get married. Hermionie
TamaraNathan [10:03 PM]: Severus respond to me please. Tell me more about that potion
TamaraNathan [10:11 PM]: someone else is pretending to be you.

Mmm .. yep, it was fun for about ... 20 minutes, now it's just annoying ...

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