July 29th, 2003



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Oh how amusing ...

Lessee, what did I do today ... spent the morning looking for a formidable box for Bunny's stuff, sent that out, sat around the house, ate McD's, maybe I'll go see Pirates tonight ... boy, I live such an excitting life!

And I got Kaede into Coldplay, w00t. I heard from Draco that the Pirate's soundtrack was sold out of almost all stores. That seeems highly unlikely. And I want to get the other Coldplay CD, with Trouble and Yellow on it.

Oh yeah, saw Tomb Raider yesterday. Wasn't too bad, I think I liked the first one better. She didn't wear that teal tank top/khaki daisy dukes/round glasses that's signature Croft ... of course, I'm not a video game person ... so I don't know why I'm picky about that.


Kiss me, I'm a pirate! Yarrr!

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Mindless annoying pathetic and pointless rant # ...

Yeah, I hate the world. I know you do to. Everyone does. But I really hate it. Nothing is fun any more, nothing brings me pleasure, all I feel is numbness. Maybe I need someone in my life? No ... then I'd just bring them down too.

I don't know what to feel, I don't know what to do, I don't know how to act, I can't seem to think any more. About ... anything ... nothing ...

My life has just been a slow downfall, ever since leaving highschool, nothing has brought it even a smidge higher than I was the day before. Sure, there were a few highs, but nothing that could last for a long time. I'm never going to find a perminent happy place. Fuck that, do they even exist? Sure ... when I close my eyes they do. Can I sleep forever then? Please?
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