July 22nd, 2003


Potter for brains!

With HP on the mind, it's hard for me to think about anything else. I've decided to go all out and purchase the armor and sweater from the dealer at Nimbus, which is going to cost me at least $200 alone. I have all the rest of the stuff, including the patch, and I even got a Harry wig.

I want to make my Snape costume more complete. The Mark was such a hit all weekend, it'll be difficult to want to put sleeves on the costume. But I want to be the best Snape ever. EVER.

And then, Reactor and NDK ... I have to think of something for THOSE cons. If I'm still going to them >< I want to go, I really really do! But if my work doesn't start putting me on the schedule for 40 hr weeks, that'll be impossible. *huff*

And the fabric I want to use for Moon Tour black Vash Gakuto is $20 a yard ... I'm not using the table cloth pleather, because people are idiots and that stuff looks SHITTY ON COSTUMES. Nor do I want to use PVC vinyl.

God damnit ... I need to win the lottery or something ... maybe start playing it?

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