July 21st, 2003



The Dark Mark has faded into nothing ... my luggage has been unpacked ... the magic of the weekend dwindles away as I say hi to my dad, and all I get is a scowl Severus Snape would be proud of.

I'm home, and I had an amazing weekend.

For full details, I shall save all of those who are magically HP illiterate and place my entire weekend report behind a cut tag ...

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Ok, you fucking 7 yr old 56k modem non-Mac computer ...

I'm sick of my AOL crashing whenever I try and access the Nimbus pictures. I want to see all the shit-tastic ones of me, but I can't even get to the PAGE

If anyone is on hporlando or knows of other sites that have Nimbus pics ...

Especially Quidditch pics! Or London Times pictures ...

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