July 15th, 2003



What day is it today? Tuesday? 2 more days. I'm going. I'm really going.

I've been having fights with my parents over this trip. And they say how much they're upset with me, and y'know what? They're just like me. They get all hot and bothered over this, not getting what they want (which is my safety). I'm just like them.

They just don't understand what a convention is. They haven't been to any. Well, my dad has, but he's always worked in them, for his job and such.

I hope I don't get my rag after Thrusday >< I want to go SWIMMING when I'm down there!

Oh, and Caitlin's friend Britt's mom is picking me up from the airport, so we can get to the hotel faster and check in, and then we're going to Islands of Adventure! Great! .. uhm ... but I didn't think we had any time to go e.e; so ... yeah, a bit confused about that .. another $50 for my trip. I think I'm going to go hungry on this trip. The only food I plan on buying is an umbrella drink :D Err ... yah ....

Well, I'm getting hungry, and nervous all over again. No message from the Limo service I requested last night. If it doesn't come by tonight, I'm going to have to call a taxi >< I loathe taxi's. Something about them just makes me uncomfortable.
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