July 12th, 2003


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I've been up for 1.5 hours now. Hikaru gave me an excellent idea to make Slytherin shorts so ... I'm gonna do it ... y'know like, all those high school shorts that have the school name written across the butt? I was thinking of putting either "HOGWARTS" or "SLYTHERIN" across the arse of my Slytherin shorts. And I just realized that I still have quite a lot of silver china silk left over from Gekka Kozi that I can use as an accent to my nice fabric I found ^_^ Gonna have to probably interface it tho. The polyester green stuff is a lot heavier than the china silk, and it would probably sag.

So, the frock coat is almost done. I'm going to fix up the collar and add the pockets today, iron it all and pack it up. I just realized that closing the sleeves a bit on my outter cloak makes it look a LOT better than leaving it open and showing off the wonderful seam down the middle of the sleeve :P

I also went to one of the sites of one of the dealers that's going to be at Nimbus. This company makes the most incredible wands. I found the Snape styled one, and I want it soooo badly, despite the fact that it doesn't look anything like Snape's REAL wand from the movie. That's ok. It's $75, and that's probably the only thing I want to get at Nimbus. No ... seriously ...

Ok, so onto other news.

I SAW PIRATES! OMFG JOHNNY DEPP ROCKS! I didn't like Orli's character, until the end, when he started kickin' butt along side Sparrow. Sparrow is the best pirate I've ever seen ... dur hur hur XD. We had a double feature, paid to see League of Extrodinary Gentlemen, walked out, and right in to see Pirates, which was playing right across the way. Yeah, I know, I'm bad ... oh well, I'll probably go see Pirates again, and pay for it this time.

League was somewhat dissapointing, but it had it's strong points, like that crazy drive through the crumbling streets of Venice, and that awesome sword ship. Captain Nemo was the coolest. And OMG, Dorian Grey, soooo hawt. He'd ake an excellent slightly younger Sirius ... oooor, maybe ... Severus? Naah, Sev wasn't that cool when he was young XD. Maybe like ... a young Karkaroff? Yeeeah ... but anyways, Grey was wicked. And the vampire chick was very cool too. What other stuff has that girl done? I know I've seen her in other things ( besides Minority Report) but I just can't think of any right now ...

Oh! And I'm so excitted! I bought a PATTERN keeper! Yeah! Rubbermaid actuall makes costume pattern boxes! It's so spiffy! I cleaned up my some 8 or 9 odd bags of fabric junk yesterday, folded up all my patterns, and filled a sliding bed box full of fabric, with my pattern box filled with patterns and other 'notions' like my ribbons and other wonderful things. YAY! I'm so happy to have gotten all that organized ...

And now, off to sew! Before work at 3 >P boo. I like working early. I don't like closing much.
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