July 9th, 2003


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Damn her! Jen saw Pirates without me! Damn her to HELL!

I found a $10 on the floor today at work, and claimed it, so that'll be my cash for seeing the movie. Jen wants to see it again, so we're going tonight, even though I have work tomorrow x.o; and I'm already rather tired ... I just want to break up the routine of wake up, go to work, come home, eat, go to bed, wake up and do it all over again. Although, tomorrow is my last day of work this week. And OMG, Nibus is so close! I'm getting nervous. Like, what if my parents refuse to let me go? I mean, they technically can't. I'm an adult. Damnit.

So, I worked a lot more on Snape, the frock coat is about 2/3rds done now. I just need to hem the bottom, figure out a collar, and put on the buttons, and make a bunch of button holes. Yes, I'm going to make all 10 button holes. I need to learn how to make them! It'll be a valuable tool for me in the future.

Still no work yet on who's my new roommate for the school year. It should've come by now. I can't believe the summer is almost over. About a month to go, wow.

*sigh* maybe I should shower ... yeah, that sounds good right now. And maybe I'll wear my Legolas shirt to the movie tonite *snrk* XD
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