July 6th, 2003


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Got to work a bunch on my Sev outter robes before work today, but that pretty much killed me for the day. Thanks to a little energy drink, I was good for most of the day. Kris, my head cashier, bought me McDonald's, we ate our lunches together, talked a lot. It was fun. She's super nice, I'm glad she's my head cashier now.

Got stuck in tool corale, people yelling at me for things I don't know ... it sucked ... it sucked a lot ... *huff*

Mom's going to work tomorrow, I gotta stay home and be with dad. He's still not feeling too good. Going to try and polish off all of the sewing needed for Snape tomorrow. Including the buttons. Yay, buttons.

My CoS PC game has gone missing, and I have a really good idea as to where it went. Fuck you John. Fuck you and your stupid fucking psycotic problems of stealing. You owe me $30 for that game, bitch. *grrr*

Anyways, I'm going to go collaps now ... bring my new oscillating fan up to my room, so maybe I won't have to sleep naked again ... oops! WTMI! *girly giggle*


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well, my hair is pretty greasy ... only because I've been working all day ...
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