June 27th, 2003


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I appologize, but I haven't been checking my LJ friends lists at all. I just know of all the random crap people are writting about the 5th book, and quite frankly, 20 million posts of "I just finished! Wow! Blah blah blah!" are quite annoying, really. Yes, I'm bitter. But you knew that already. No, you didnt? You don't read my posts? Oh well *shrug*

Still worried about Nimbus. The fact that Cindy might be coming gave me some hope that it'll be a little bit more enjoyable than what I'm hoping it'll be.

I'm at Sean's right now, Jen's playing a really funky synth, Sean's funky synth. I'm at his computer that he's set up down here. I just sorta ... took over. I've been wanting to be online all day, and I've been kidnaping all of my friends computers every chance I get.

Addicted? Noooo ...

I need RP ... ;_;
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