June 26th, 2003


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Livejournal, oh how I've missed you!

I've bene a busy little beaver recently. Finished the book finally, nothing has made me feel more depressed. Was it because I was done already? Or because of what happened. First off, I'd like to say that I loathe the way the death was handled. But, I know the person that died will be ack ... you watch!

I love Severus far more than ever now, the poor bloke, and I loathe James, and I pine for Harry, and I love Ginny!

My latest cuss is "You're such an Umbridge!" Only a true Potter fan would understand that one ...

I'm getting worried about Nimbus 2003. 20 more days, and I've brought it up in conversation only once. They can't make me not go. I just ... have to find a way to persuading them I'll be fine, Although, saying I'm going alone with 4 girls I've never met before does sound rather dodgey, no?

*sigh* My costumes aren't even in the process of being made. I'm worried aout Reactor now. I haven't heard back from Little Star.

I'm SevxRems deprived as well. My Sevvie muse is rattling his cage, so is my Harry muse. But there just seems to be so little time ;_;

I need to send Bunny's stuff home ... I realy hope she didn't need those boots for her trip o_o; I'm sorry Bunny!! And I need to figure out a time for her to come for a photo shoot e.e; meeh, so much shit!

I wish I was back in school ... or even better, I wish I were at Hogwarts ... yeah, that would be pretty cool ... I wonder where the kids go after they've finished ... like ... if there's wizard college and all ...
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