June 23rd, 2003


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More and more now, I'm feeling my temper swell past the point where I can control it ... I'm not like, 15 years old, a boy, with short mossy brunette hair and a big ugly scar on my head, am I? No ... no I'm not ...

I came home from work last night rather ... meh ... and my mom and I were talking about my step aunts 50th wedding anniversary at the end of July. I said, ok, as long as it's not the weekend of the 17th through the 20th, because of Nimbus. Mom asked where it was, I said Flordia. She's like 'You don't need to go to that!' ....

I didn't tell her I've already got my registration, and plane ticket paid for ... both of which I can't cancel, unless I want to loose $360 >< Which I DON'T

So ... I'll just have to bring it up later on. After all, I've been doing a helluva lot for my parents recently, because of my mom's pneumonia and such. I deserve a fucking break, damnit ...

Oh no, I'm not bitter ... *flop*

Back to planting ungodly expensive and rather shitty looking Impatients ... I just want to go to Florida for a weekend ... of being away from the real world ... please? Pretty please? With Snuffles on top? XD
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