June 22nd, 2003


Julie's stoner entry # .... 3 .. 4? O_o

Ok, a lot of things need to be said. Most, if not all is related to HP, so those that don't care, skip dis entry ... *snrk*

HP and real life became somewhat ... very slightly came into criss cross with one another. Slight;y meaning ... I was angry and lost my temper today ... kind of like Harry who's suddenly loosing it a lot ... a LOT. I can't say that he and I are completely 100% going through the same problems but ... being angry for stuff sucks ...

And a little something about Collapse )

So, I'm a good way in. About 350 pages. Not bad, considering how much time I've been able to get off of doing stuff to read it. It took me a MONTH to read GoF. This book is flying by SO fast. It's so wonderfully dark and AAAAANNNNNGGGGGSTY that my angsty part of my brain is going 'squeeeeeeeeeeeeness!'

Another part of my brain is screaming "ME WANT FOOD" and "CHAAAPSTICK!" at me ...

Yeah so ... work was shitty. I sort of want to go into a racial issue but ... meh, I'm in no mood for spamming. The moral of the story ... I got paid to sit on my arse and be forced to do nothing ... waiting for someone to notice me.

Alright, onto the Collapse )
Speeeaking of ol Hagrid ... at that Oak Park thing, the ... Gringots tour ... that Hagrid was good ... if he'd gone and finished the costume a bit more ... and OMG that Lestat looking hunk of MAN that was there dressed in some very awesome robes made of leather of his own design ... of course, Jen and I were like "OMG, tell us your secrets!" I started rattling off these conclusions as to who he could possibly be in his costume, and he seemed to not understand a WORD I was saying. Not the language, but the Potter-isms. He looked like a blended version of Lucius, Remus, Voldemort, Sirius, and .... Darth Maul O_o;

God ... I could use a few of those damnly awesome turtle cookies mom got from the Italian deli and have stored all for herself ...

Oh yes, and anyone looking for HP style wands, check out the eBay seller "ironcat" ... they got GOOOD wands for really nice and cheap. $15 for a gorgeously crafted wand is a deal ...

Uhm ... that is ... all ... VOIP!
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