June 21st, 2003


*biiiig siiigh*

Well, the party in Oak Park was madness, pure madness! We didn't have much fun, Jen got recognized as Gackt, and Lestat. We saw the Paine cosplayer and her Riddle fiance. Chatted with them for a LONG time, waited about an hour in line to recieve my book. Had mediocre fun. It was too fucking crowded to do ANYTHING.

Saw a Snape there, he was fantasticly awesome ... but married o_o ... with a child ... o_o I couldn't glomp him ... it made me sad ...

But, seeing the Paine girl, getting recognized as Kozibot and those Malice Mizer people, laughing and talking about HP to other fans, throwing out shots on who's gonna die ... amazing fun ...

I'm afraid there may be a lot of radio silence from me these next few days as I try to finish the book in under a weeks time. Jen wants to read it, and I want her to read it too!

So, toodles, for now ;)

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