June 11th, 2003


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Today is the last day I will hae esquisit internet connection ... granted, next year I'll have DSL, but it's not the same as T3. So, not as many uber fast downloads and such.

I have to be out of the building by 7:30 tonight. It's going to be a sad day indeed. Never coming back here again. This place has been my home for 2 years now. It's going to be sad to see it go. I wish I could've lived here next year.

I tried looking for giant metal wire crosses on eBay for my Shiroi Kozi costume. I came across a few good ones, one in particular was cool, but it was $60 and had a sort of mirror in the center. I think I may just have to make the cross ... somehow ... from scratch. Maybe get ... metal wire or something ... or ... I wonder what that Paine girl used to make all of those details and stuff on her costume. I think it might've been clay or something.

And I'm even thinking about how to make those ... odd .. claw things for le ciel Kozi. *sigh* Going to be an expensive year once again for cosplay ... and Jen and I have decided to do Mizerable and R&R black Vash version Gaku for Reactor. We're doing the signs too. It'll be great.

"You're ALUCARD!" "Actually, no I'm not ... " "Oh ... " *blink, walk away*


"Wow, a black Vash!"

I just love the way Gaku's coat is made in general. It's like, a sleeveless robe sort of thing, with a short jacket over it. I'm scared of making stuff out of pleather though x.o; Anyone have tips on how to work with pleather?

*sigh* 2 more hours and I have to go to a boring critique. That's the last of my school business for the year.

Whoo, just checked my grade ... I got 23/30 for my final, so I ended up with a B- in the class, score!

No news yet on my digi photo class. I hope it's a B *crosses fingers*
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*le sigh*

Well, everything is packed except for Lucy. It should take me only ... well, I'd say a half an hour to get her dissassembled and start lugging the stuff downstairs. I managed to fit all of my clean clothes into one suitecase, and then I have my dirty laundry basket filled to the brim with dirty clothes ... god, I can be rather disgusting sometimes ... well, I ran out of detergent, and I'm planning on doing all of my clothes when I get home.

I'm listening to happy Gakuto and MM songs to cheer me up. I haven't seen my roommate hardly ALL DAY. This is the first time that I'm the first one leaving. Last year, my Japanese final was on Friday, so I was one of the last out of my friends to leave the dorms.

3 and a half hours, and I'll officially no longer be a resident of Clifton Fullerton Hall. Oooh, but next year ... those dorms are spectacular. I can't wait to move in. They feel more like apartments than dorms, a nice welcomed touch. And I'll be MUCH closer to Jen. MUCH much closer, which is an awesome plus ...

Well, I'm going to play some Yahoo!Pool to kill time ... maybe take another load of stuff back to my car ... there's a lot I forgot to take home, I just hope there's enough room in my car for all of it ><

*grooves to Bunira*
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I wonder ...

I really wonder who my true friends are ... I don't think I know who they are any more. Jen, sure ... she likes spending more time with Starrla.

My only friend is my computer ... not even the people that crowd up my Bl are my friends ... I change my some 60 odd people buddy list every week, because people stop talking to me, they go missing for weeks, months at a time, they get pissed at me for reasons unknown.

Do I have any friends? I mean, someone that will be there ...

I just don't know any more ...

I have no life ... why should I have friends?