June 7th, 2003


waiting for someone to CAAALLL MEEEE!!!

five details about your appearance right now.
[x] Gackt shirt
[x] Garkle no buresuleto
[x] wet just washed hair
[x] PALAPL pants (noticing a trend here?)
[x] mah jong bracelet

five things you did today.
[x] worked
[x] showered
[x] woke up too fuckin' early
[x] went to a little Dag
[x] had dinner

five things that everyone should know about you.
[x] I'm a freak
[x] I want to have Harry Potter's children
[x] I work at Home Depot, w00t w00t
[x] POSSUM!!!!
[x] I like androgenous males

five groups/artists you listened to yesterday.
[x] Dir en grey
[x] Gakuto
[x] Duel Jewel
[x] Juno Reactor
[x] Zilch

five things that make you happy.
[x] jrock
[x] cosplay
[x] food
[x] being with friends
[x] having cash

five things that disgust you.
[x] dicks
[x] blondes
[x] feeling dirty after work
[x] that one picture of Gackt .. you know the one ... o_o
[x] uncooked condensed soup straight out of the can

five things you cant live without.
[x] music
[x] Harry Potter
[x] computer
[x] food
[x] air

five things you'll do when you complete this.
[x] wait s'more
[x] get rid of my hiccups
[x] have a cookie
[x] buy some fabric
[x] yawn

Five things you feel right now...
[x] full
[x] tired
[x] aching
[x] restless
[x] *hiccup* ¬_¬
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