June 6th, 2003


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I got asked if I wanted to be a model today by someone on faceparty.com ...

Now, I don't know if this is a legit thing, because he says "Oh yeah, you have to be over 18 ... "

He said some nice things about me, that could be just a general e-mail with generic sayings and such but ... meh, I don't think I have anything to be a model ...

So ... my final project is this Monday ... I just thought of this awesome clock-like design I want to do when placing my photos. I have to make like, 3 more collages tho. And I don't really like my Lockhart or Ginny ones. They look too ... mediocre ... toshimasa if you've got time, I wish to ask for your opinion ^_^

I'm trying to get Petras and Sean to help me move all of my shit out of here before the end of Wed, because then I can have free reign to go to GA on Thursday! Yay! And hopefully, I'll have more than $2 in my bank account, yay!

Oh well, I should start packing up all of the crap on my desk now ...

As Kabuki boy would say ... FERRET BABIES!
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Joined another comm, slashaddicts ... thought I belonged there ...

Pulled out the big lug, aka my sewing machine, and altered my roommate's tennis dress that her boyfriend is just 'dying' to see her in *rolls eyes* and taking a pair of really cool 70's style pants and turning them into a small skirt ... I'm going to use the cut off pant legs to make leg warmers for me ^__^

I'm so god damn hungry ... I don't know how I'm going to survive next year at DoM ... it's a 13 min walk to the cafe from my building ... at least they have more than just coke vending machines ... they actually have FOOD!

Alright, so, because I thought my Ginny collage kinda sucked, I made a Neville one. I like it a little bit better than the Ginny one ... and I'm still iffy about the Lockhart one. I modified it a bit, and I like it a LITTLE bit better ...

Ok, no more waiting, FOOD TIME! *grumblegrowlhiss*
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