June 4th, 2003



I miss Jen so much ... so so much ... she's only been gone for, well, almost 2 weeks now. I'm glad she's not staying in the Phillipines for 2 or 3 months. That would've made me go nuts.

Well, I have to go to Pearl today and look for some interesting paper choices for my photo project, and I have to find a kinko's or just see how well the Student Copy Center can handle my project. I just realized that we don't have to make the picture 30x36, that's for another project. It can be any size I want, so I'm thinking of just taking my really nice "Flying home from Denver, taking a picture of the awesome sky" photo that I've always wanted to get printed real big and make it look pretty. The other option was to take one of our Gekka pictures and make it big and pretty. The colour's would be spectacular ... *thinks*

And Cheryl was suppose to have returned my UPass last night and SHE NEVER DID! Rawr ... now I have to like, go wake her up or something ... I hate waking people up, unless it's Yukster ... because, more often than not, she should be woken up ...

I need my ham and cheese, damnit ...
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Projects: finished

Bank account balance: probably in the negatives

Mood: exausted

I got my DoM contract ... it's about ... $300 more than where I am right now, but it's about $100 cheaper to stay there over the summer than it would be to stay in any other DePaul affiliated housing over the summer. Now my parents have no choice but to let me stay there for the summer *muwahahahaa!*

Pearl was closed today. They're closed for inventory from Tuesday to Friday. Thank GOD there was a goddamn paper source store right across the street, and all I needed was paper. I got this neat laser printer vellum ... but I didn't use it, because I couldn't find a friend with a laser printer :/

And that fire alarm outside has been going off for the past 4 hours ... I wonder why it hasn't shut off?
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