June 2nd, 2003


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I need your help, my fine fellow Potterians ...

I have 5 to 7 more characters I need to make photoshop collages, and I need ideas of characters, AND things that should go in their collage. I'm stuck on Ginny right now. I don't know what to put in their besides the diary ...

My fingers still smell like pancake syrup ... I haven't had pancakes in forever ... *sniffles*
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The sad thing: They made a Fast and the Furious sequel
The even more sad thing: I may actually want to go see it ...
The most sad thing: I still owe $150 in parking tickets ... and I just ate two huge pieces of stuffed pizza, so I'm disgustingly fat ...

Yeah ... fun times. I kept waking up during the night, thinking it was much later than it truly was.

I've got 5 of the 7 digi photoshop class projects done. I want to do Lockhart and one more person. Maybe Viktor, Neville, Oliver Wood, or Crabbe and Goyle.

Blah, there's ... nothing else for me to say ...

I want ribs ... and pancakes ... and a kit kat ... and some cheesecake ... *explode*
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