May 29th, 2003


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I've just completed Matrix'ifying my computer. Got new sounds, new pointers, new desktop wallpaper and icons, new WinAmp skin and AIM Expression. No, I'm not obsessed. I just thought it would be cool if everything matched. I used to have a HP desktop, LotR icons, and a Gir AIM expression. Now, everything is the same, everything looks pretty.

And I find it highly amusing that the Matrix: Reloaded logo is over Agent Smith's crotch *snrk*

I also got my flight to Orlando for Nimbus 2003. I got a good deal on Spirit Airways! Only $171.50. That's cheaper than my flight to Denver. I was looking at other places, and the cheapest I could find was like, $350. Because it's the summer, there usually are no deals. Spirit Airlines deals with Florida specifically, so they should have the best deals. And they did!

Now I'm feeling a little less anxious about this convention. I still need a hotel room ... whether it's going to be in the hotel or not, I'm still kind of paranoid.

Hey guys, still looking for roommates for the hotel! I have this one girl that also needs a room, so if you're still coming, that_one_chick and hot_jupiters, it would be only $40 a night, for 3 nights. But, the more people we get, the cheaper it will be for all of us! The rooms are spacious and all, so there should be no problems.

I think I'm going to post to parry_hotter and hp_graphics, and maybe just get onto harry_potter to announce my desperate NEED for roommates ... yeah ...

Mmmn, Potbelly's sandwiches ruuuuuuule!

Oh shit ... I need to get my license before July 17th >< or I can't go anywhere ... how long does it take to get a state ID? Not long, I assume ... <_<;
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