May 27th, 2003


Eurobeat King's ACen photos are up on! w00t la~

And now, for something completely different ...

I'm gonna be aposer and do the same thing lilacwire does with cosplay photos.

***WARNING: I have a very biased opinion and I bash people horribly ... so ... feel free to bash me all you want, just know that I will ignore you ^__^ *** what a sexy bitch ... too bad Gackt has BOOBS ... what was this person THINKING? Gackt doesn't have BOOBS! If there's one thing I can't stand, it's idiot photographers getting into photos, not looking around to see where they are before they move and step RIGHT in the middle of someone's picture ... not everyone has that wonderful digital camera option of just erasing the photo on the spot ... this really had nothing to do with this photo but ... I have yet to see a bad Witch Hunter Robin costume ... everyone is just SO GOOD at making them, as opposed to the endless supply of shitty Sephiroths :P Very cute chibi!Vash ... although I'm rather sick of ppl dressing their children up in costumes and then running away with every award imaginable ... I met the pink Chii at a fabric store about 2 months before ACen. I'm not a fan of Chobits but these costumes just TOTALLY ROCKED. They're amazingly well put together, kudos to you guys at [/shamless plug] Are these actuall Chii costumes? Or just like, original interpretations of them? I think she looks more like Gillian Anderson than Aeris ... ugh, this cosplayer was just so ... 'mediocre' ... *scoff* ( stoopid ppl! ) so, maybe she was just glaring at us ... because this is very un-Mana like behavoir, to be smiling ... err, smirking like that ... this girl, I swear was giving us death glares ... and how hard is it to find an electric blue wig? That's some midnight blue looking wig ... I mean, those electric blue wigs are fuckin' EVERYWHERE! And ... she used the same butterfly stuff for her arms that you did, kyolicious ... interesting ... Nice attitude! %P *points* Pepsi, the choice of all Gakuto's everywhere ... you'd be surprised how many Wolfwood's CANNOT make a proper sized cross ... I mean, how hard can it be?! I see people with wrapped 2 x 4's ... this guy did a great job ... except ... uhm ... couldn't find a basic black suit? WTF? Hair's all wrong ... wrong fabric for hat ... and satin is so ... gaudy! Especially on this person ... this girl was FREAKING OUT at the Masq sign up ... she kept saying "Oh, I've been here before, they know me!" blah blah blah ... I don't think she won anything .. boo hoo ... she was really bitchy ... :P what's that chick on the right from? That's such a neat costume, the swords are extremely well done too ... she did another costume that was absolutly GORGEOUS later on in the weekend ... Hahaha! ROCK ON! this is actually a GOOD sort of shiney. It works well with the black skirt ... although I have no clue who this is ... and props to her, if she made those gloves. I know how hard it is to make gloves O_o one of the shots were Yukster isn't BLINKING ... heh ... *points* and my claw so ownz this photo ... "Is that a sword y'got Cloud, or are you just happy to see me?" I think this guy was Auron, too ... a rather good Auron ... Shake that ass, wacho self! *giggle* I really wish I'd seen these guys together ... I never saw the Kaoru at all! very cool ... I have a thing for people that cover their face for some reason, where you can only see their eyes .... very mysterious *swoon* once again,, excellent work guys!!! That Link is hawt *_* Mmmn, yaoi thoughts ... too bad Disney's a dick and no doujinshi's can be made of KH >P I think this is the only pic I have of Kami without her hand down her pants XD *scratchscratch* Hey girl, wouldn't it have been fun if your twin sis made that costume? So you'd be like ... real Ayane twins? this is that two blade girl from before ... really neat costumes, no idea what they're from tho ... This is just ... cool ... she regocnized us in our ... Gekka outfits I believe? I've seen this before, but I can't remember what series it's from ... got something in your eye there Sean? I think Tras's hair was amazingly COOL, too bad you can't really see it ... ehh, I dun care for the blond in the middle ... *growl* OMG, it's Gardenia Klaha! *snort* err ... apparently he's the Iron Chef guy O_o *stops traffic to stare* ... I don't know what this guys problem was ... O_o "You guys gonna smile?" ... uhm ... NO I hope you die in a firey ball of burning hot comet! FUCK YOU FEM VASHES! XOO That idea was original like ... 2 years ago ... "What anime are YOU from?" FUCK YOU THIS IS NOT A GODDAMNED COSTUME! this guys wig was AWESOME, so was his gun these guys were actually really really great. But I heard that the guys sewing machine broke while he was making Carmilla, and they had to use a stapler to finis the costumes ... this was probably the only reason why they didn't win anything. Afterall, it was for craftsmanship, not just the look of the costumes. I think the guy that made all these costumes had that awesome Trigun group from last year ...

I thought that the Eurobeat King guy took a picture WITH our Gekka group ... *thinks*

Oh well, that is all ...
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Me monty pork chop eat my MOOSE!

Yeah, that's definately better than "A monkey poured coffee in my boots" I think ...

So, just saw the Matrix. Fucking cool, some parts cheezed me tho, like the obvious CG'ed hack job on Neo's coat during the Agent Smith scene. That was probably my favorite part. The end of that was PRICELESS. Absolutly PRICELESS.

The Twins were cool, could've used more of them, poor Naobi should've been used, she was barely in it ...

The end had me SO very pissed, I just couldn't believe it. But thanks to ... I forgot who told me ... stay until after the credits! Those of you who haven't seen it, but who want to see it.

Hey hot_jupiters ... all I gotta say is ... massive ... orgy ... *snrk*

I'm so fucking tired ... *groan*
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