May 25th, 2003


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After work last night, I felt really damn good. Considering I didn't work a 10 hour shift, only a 7 hour shift, I felt pretty good. And they didn't give me a lunch break, so I got off early, around 9:45 instead of 10:30, so I also didn't have to close the store! Yay!

Michelle also asked to switch shifts with me, which was a godsend! I didn't have to wake up at 9 am today. Instead, I'm taking the later shift, and I'm going to have to close the store. But it's Sunday, it shouldn't be too bad of a day. Although it is really really nice out, and tomorrow's a holiday of sorts, so people won't be going to work, probably working on stuff around the house and whatnot ... d'oh ><

Working in Garden yesterday was actually fun. Nothing bad happened, only one denied credit card, no problems with the endorser, no real problems with strips or needing change. Life is GOOD!

But they were suppose to close down Outside Garden at 8, and I was still in there at 9:30. Oh well!

Anyways ... after work, I hung out at Seans with Petras, Charlie, Matt and Sean (of course) Petras told me that Heather was there, but she must've just left *skore!* We played a little bit of Super Smash Bro's, I was Link most of the time. And I sucked. I did get 2nd place a few times.

Still freaking out about Nimbus, now that it looks like I'm going to have to pay off these $50 tickets I got over ACen ><

If you would like to donate money to the "Julie needs to get her arse to Nimbus 2003" fund, please send all checks (no cash plz) to:

The Dorm Down The Hall
Somewhere in Chicago

That is all ...

Or ... is it? *shifty eyes*
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According to this e-mail, I have a mangina! WTF is that?

Good day at work, despite how completely tired I am. I stayed an extra 2 hours to help Gloria close out all 15 registers x.o; She said that she'd talk to the Store Manager to see if I can get a part time Head Cashier job. What does that mean? More responsibility, more pay, same hours. Wee! I'd get time and a half if I were to become a HC. Sounds good to me, they need all the help they can get at the moment ...

After work, I was still rather awake, so I went to Crazy Nipples to play some DDr. THEY GOT RID OF ALL THEIR MACHINES! ;___; All they have now is DDR Extreme2 and DDR 5th Mix. That makes me SO sad. Well, I never really played 4th Mix, or 6th that much. Just 5th, 7th and 8th. Oh well, I got to play the songs I was really itching to play, so that made me feel good.

I was going to go see Matrix tonight, but I pooped out. I'm going to see it sometime next weekend with 'teh posse', hopefully minue a certain blonde airhead *snort*

There were a bunch of old golfer guys in really disgustingly ugly plaid winner jackets on TV. They reminded me of Drain Away Kyo. Too bad they were fucking ugly >< The jackets, and the men, I mean.

Still looking for friends wanting to share a room at Nimbus 2003 ;__; And looking for good cheap flights to Orlando, too ...

I need me some good Shmirnoff ... and a beer box to play with ...

Oh yeah, I came home last night around 2 am, wanting to listen to HP as I fell asleep ... when suddenly, I realized that my stero wasn't on. It wasn't plugged in? NO, the entire power CORD was missing ... WTF?! It was there when I woke up, but now it's gone. Only one person in the entire WORLD I could think of that took it. Yep, my brother. When I confrunted him about it, he tried to change the subject over and over again. You just can't fucking win with that kid. And now that he's gone to work (he works the night recieving shift at Home Depot) I'm gonna go get it back, and steal anything else I can, and deny that I took it. RAWR!

I need some good SnapexHarry smut now ... *grumble* wish Ieaving home was online right now >P

I'm feeling fat, and sassy! *licks lips*

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