May 24th, 2003



Well, the big blue monster (aka, Gekka Mana) is home, safe and sound in my closet with Kozi and Kami. They're gonna stay there, probably going to wrap them up with some plastic stuff to keep them nice. I'd like to dry clean mine, but I don't think it'll hold together if I do.

So, Jen's off in the Phillipines for 2 weeks ;_; At least it's not like, 2 months like she did before. They usually like to take long trips over there, because it's expensive to fly and all, but because of all the Al Queda shit still going on, Jen's mom doesn't want to risk it. Jen looks too foreign.

My mom doesn't like my Garkl no buresuleto. And she finally popped the question, "Are you gay?" Because she things that girls shouldn't wear spikes like that -_- Bler, I didn't say 'yes' to her question, because it's not true. I'm not gay. I'm bisexual. But she thinks I am on the rather butch side. Grrr ... I don't wear flannel t-shirts, damnit!

I still need to see The Matrix. Starrla has nowhere to stay in the 'burbs tonight, so she's coming to stay with me. I have work tomorrow at 9:15, such a random time, and I'm done at 3:15. Maybe after that, she and I can hike on up to the Quarry and see it. I'm also planning on going to Great America in 2 weeks. I heard that a kid already died on the Superman ride because he/she had candy in their mouths. I bet Six Flags is getting killed for that one. There were no signs up saying not to have candy in your mouth, but all the other rides had them. They just forgot. Sucks, man.

I have 2 and a half hours to kill ... I want to take a nap, I think ... I'm so tired for some reason, and I can't seem to sleep in past 9:30 any more *huff* And I can't seem to stay up later than 11 or 12. Maybe my body is telling me something?

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