May 23rd, 2003



I don't have to work until 3 pm tomorrow so I'm not going home tonight. It feels weird, after last weekend, having to go home. Soon, I'll have to be home for 3 months or something. Ugh. And work ontop of that. But hell, I have Nimbus 2003 ... which I am getting VERY VERY VERY worried about. I haven't gotten a plane ticket, and no hotel room either. I'm sure the rooms are all sold out ... I'm so fucking screwed. But I HAVE TO GO. It's an international convention. It's just far too cool to miss. I mean, on top of all the impressive guests, I have to make my Summer Time!Snape costume to walk around in ^___^

But God ... if ANYONE IS GOING TO NIMBUS 2003 AND CAN SUPPORT ONE MORE ROOMMATE, CONTACT ME ASAFP!!!!!! (as soon as fucking possible)

;____________; I'm still not even sure my 'rents will let me go >< damnit ... but I have to . I already bought the $100 entry fee, which is a damn good deal, as opposed to paying $200 at the door ... still .. that's fucking expensive for a con ... it better be really fucking worth it ... hot_jupiters YOU HAVE TO COME WITH MEEEEEEEH! Reinact some dirty dirty yaoi scenes *cackle*

*sigh* now I'm stressing out terribly ... fuck ...

And someone erased "my anus is bleeding!" from my wipe board ... fuckers ...
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Hey, kyolicious ....

Kami says we should do these costumes next year ...

All I gotta say is ... there's no way in HELL anyone's gonna make me wear a turbin ... and Yukster doesn't look manly enough to pull off that creepy Yu~ki ><

Or this lovely piece ... *snrk*

No way in HELL am I gonna be fish hands Kozi ...

This post brought to you by: Harry Potter, and the Sorcerer's Stone ... when you finally realize, Daniel Radcliffe really has no acting talent whatsoever ...

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