May 22nd, 2003


It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

You are Neo
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Heroism? Compassion? I ... dunno about that one ...

Well, my giant 30"x36" poster isn't due today like I thought ... instead, we had a guest speaker that sounded like she'd be a better anime girl voice actor than a digital photographer and book artist. She showed us how to bind books and make these single page folded books ... it was like I was in bloody kindergarden again! Good Lord that was a delightful waste of time.

Although this speaker had this piece of work where she printed a photo of a farm on fabric. Almost everyone took it to mean hanging clothes on a clothesline. She hates that people think that. Well ... what the hell then? Graah!

I kind of want to do that for my final project, except that the fabric stuff is absolute HELL to deal with (according to her). It looked like the same fabric I used to make my Kozi sleeves out of ^__^

My room is still a mess ... I cleaned it like, 12 times over the last 7 days.

I didn't realize that my RAs were doing health inspections. They came 2 nights ago at around 11 at night. Good thing I was awake. They looked around, made sure we didn't have booze or utility cords or anything. And then Rich goes into my bathroom. My roommate left her BONG sitting out on the counter, and there's an ash tray FILLED with cigarette butts. He looks around, walks out, Amada says "Alright, you're clean!"

Oh GOD, I just about DIED! I think Rich used to be a pot smoker, so there was no WAY he'd miss a bong or a tray of cig butts. So, I think Rich is fucking awesome ... because if they said anything, then I'd be kicked out ... not Erin, because Erin was out with friends.

Phew ...

And now, angry ticks will fly from my nipples ... *moooooooooooo!*
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You're the
Falkland Islands!

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Ha! ... I think I've heard of the Falkland Islands ... *blinks*

I live in a giant bucket!

As a moment of clarity seemed to come to my mind after a little bit of help from my roommate's friends, I realized something ...

People that win awards, no matter who they are, someone is going to complain about it ... I mean, I complain a lot when people win awards when my very biased self wanted the other guy to win. People get bitter, and those that thought they deserved the awards are always shooting them down because of their lame reasons for why the other guy should've won.

Winning an award means that the general public thought you deserved it ... and there will ALWAYS be that one in the crowd that just has to be so contrary. And you learn to not even bother ... perhaps that will stop some of them from opening their stupid mouths again.

I don't know ... I just thought ... man, I wonder if any of those actors know that people out there hate them ... I'm sure they know ... you can't please everyone, right? I just wished people were more open-minded about issues like that.

I don't know ... I'm just sick of all the bitching about "you guys shouldn't have won!" "that Paine was mediocre" blah blah blah shit ... you're just showing the world that you're a stuck up jealous prick. Better luck next time!

That is all ...

PS - This was in no, way, shape or form directed at ANYONE ... if I get flamed, you shall all be cursed with SARS ...

Ooou, speaking of SARS ... in a classroom discussion, I was blessed with SARS and told I only had 10 days to live ...

I thought ... damn ... at least I got to go to ACen *first*!
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