May 20th, 2003


Hello pants! ........ POSSUMS!!!!!!!!

Oh my god ... I've had a most incredible .. INCREDIBLE weekend.

From being blessed by Gackt, to endorsing Pepsi, to yelling "She's not Alucard" and getting drunk with Duel Jewel and "We're not from an anime" and Garkl and Novice Awards, and snooty JRock elitist and $30 a plate dinners and laughing until I cried, and massive amounts of in-jokes ... I can seriously ... die happy. Really, I seriously could.

I'm rather wiped now. I've never really gone so damn long without sleeping much. I've been going to bed late, waking up early, and taking no naps.

All I've got to say is that the weekend went by WAY too fucking fast. These are the times in which you wished that there was such a thing as Groundhog Day.

Anyways, I'm way too tired to think of all the fun times we've had ...

Possums, MSG, shoes, Garkl and beer boxes ...

Mmmmn yah ... it was a goood weekend ...

I don't know if I have time right now to recap everything. Well, I'll definately try and remember everything!

Thursday: Jen came over early Thursday morning and came with me to class. We stayed for half of the class, just enough time to do my critique for my video, and then we left. We got some food and then headed out to O'Hare to get Bunny. Arriving there just in time, we also met up with Keidy who said she needed me to help her with some alterations on her kimono. We came back here, took Bunny's stuff up to my room, then went out for more food and walked around for a bit in my student center. We'd got to the airport just in time to watch Bunny walk down the escalator and didn't have enough time to actually pull out the Mr. Mana sign we made her. She was wearing her BFB's so I offered to take her luggage so she could concentrait on walking and not worrying about her luggage.

Bunny needed a haircut, so we booked it to Clark and Belmont. By then, Jen had gone to Chinatown to get hair dye and Keidy went home to work on more stuff. I get a call on my phone. It's Sam saying she's landed. Oh ... goodie! Here we are, a good hour away, and she just got off the plane, and Bunny is just starting to get her hair cut. And we still needed to get Bunny some lashes, because she left hers at home. With luck on our side, we got her lashes real quick, got back on the El and headed out to O'Hare to pick up Sam. Yaaay! She brought back my Gojyo action figure and a few other things of mine, including a Legolas poster and s'more Gojyo things. We head back to my room, and bond the rest of the night.

Friday: Morning comes, I'm so jittery that I'm up early, walking around. Sam and I start talking, we eventually wake Bunny up at a decent hour and then I start to call Jen to get her up. For some reason, I told her to be at my dorm by 9:45, but we needed her at 8:30. So, she gets here, we pack and start heading out. I need to get Gackt shoes! So, I run across the street, by now the costume shop has JUST opened, and I get Courtland to give me a deal on Gackt shoes. A pair that's usually $35 to rent was offered for $15. SW33T! So, now we're off! Keidy is already at the hotel. She's been there since 9 this morning O_o. Sam needs to get there before 11 so she can get to work. We get on the El at 10:30. A few transfers later, and we're at the hotel at noon. Sam is late, but she can't get into the dealers room without a pass. So, I go get the hotel, we dump our stuff off, we walk around for a bit in our Gackt outfits, get glomped by a Mana, and then Sam goes off into the dealers room around 3. We walk around s'more, then get in pre-reg lines. Get our pics taken a bit more, walk around s'more, by that time we're hungry. We meet up with Kathy and Beru. Sam, Jen and I head to the meet and greet and hang around with Duel Jewel for a little bit, trying to figure out how Bunny, General and Fundy are gonna do their interview. We offer to have them come up to dinner with us, but they'd already eatten there, so Bunny, Fundy and General go out to dinner with Duel Jewel and have a fun time at their interview, while me, Jen, Sam, Beru, and Jon (Bunny's brother) decide to head up to Ventanas. We have a DELICIOUS meal that cost us a pretty penny. I'm so dead by that time, I can't even see straight. We get back to the room, get ready for bed, wait around for others, and CRAAASH! But wait ... Sam says "Let's go up to Duel Jewel's room and hang out!" sooo, we did! It was just me, Bunny, Sam, and Jen. Jen decides to leave because she feels akward. So Sam bunny and I stay there. We're kinda in our own corner, while Shin is trying to sleep, hallarity ensues. We get some schmernoff ice and then the boys start to get really plastered. I was so damn tired, just a bit tipsy by then, so I decide to head out, leaving Sam and Bunny behind with them. I go back to the room, and fall asleep with my arm wrapped around the trophy ^___^

Saturday: Ooooh boy, what an amazing, yet crazy day! Cosplay day! Insanity day! I get up early, because I thought I could head off to the dealers room in costume. Well, didn't quite make it, so we decide to wait around until Adam gets there. He was suppose to be at the hotel at 11, he was still at his apaato at 11 when I called him 5 jillion times. He finally called me and said he was on his way. He was working on perfecting the scythe. He gets there around 12:30. I had to go to lilacwire's hotel to get bitch boots and neck ruffle BECAUSE I FORGOT MY NECK RUFFLE AT HOME ;___; Oh dear God that made me so pissed. But luckly I found Dormouse and I could borrow hers, because I'd have to head ALL THE WAY BACK HOME to get it. God. Didn't wanna do that ... so, Adam arrives, we manage to pull him together, all 4 of us, in 10 minutes. He looks spiff-tastic! So, then we head out.

Yay! Photos! Just like last year! As soon as we get out of the elevators, it's "Oh wow! Can we get a picture?" And it didn't stop. We were blocking traffic, I think I went blind a few times. It was just an amazing experience. I couldn't think of anything better. We walked around a bit more, we sat at the giant turd, we suffered through no food for most of the day, went back to the room to rest our feets, work on the skit and dance a bit more, teach Adam how to move like Gakuto. Then we headed into the dealer's room working on our little "You 2 go in, then one of you take the others pass back out to Gakuto and give it to him so he can come in" thing, so all of us were in there. Sam visited her booth, people were already in line to see Duel Jewel's autograph session, and the camera's were clickin' again.

Oh, I was also the protector of Mana's train while we where in the dealer's room. Only like, 2 minutes into the room and 6 or 7 people hat tried to step on her train. I admit that I felt REALLY bad when I stepped on it like, 5 or 6 times. We headed back to the room, General and Beru had gone to McDonald's and gotten us some fooooood. Yuki and I just shared some fries. Any food at that point was good food. We practiced our skit and dance a bit more outside, people were taking our pictures while we were in front of our hotel room. Then, it was around the time that we had to get downstairs. We sat on the giant turd again, just chillin', more people took our pictures, we weren't really posting, just sort of sitting really still. Went through a few different poses, then we went to get in line for the Masq.

They were yelling at us "HURRY UP! YOU'RE LATE!" We were actually early, once again. Besides, they didn't know that we were skits. They didn't even know what number we were. WE didn't even know what number we were! So, apparently they hadn't even STARTED the damn show when we got there. The walk ons were first. A shitload of people had backed out. I just don't understand that. It pissed me off that people backed out. Well, we stood in line for a good hour or so, then the nerves stated to get to me. They had a wonderful set-up this year with a live feed for those cosplayers that wanted to watch. I was getting really really nervous watching everyone else. Some people had good skits, most of them were really quite lame ><

We got into the fridge area, and then soon we were on stage. No music mess ups, nothing went wrong, no one fell. Everything went SMOOTH as silk. As soon as we posed on stage, I felt like a rock star. The flashes started going off. It was blinding. We were done in like ... 1 minute 30 seconds. Then we got off, and we were lead back to the green room and we were applauded when we got in there ^_^ that was so nice. Then the skits were done, there was a 20 minute wait while the judges tallied everything, and almost 70% of the people in the main hall left and didn't come back to see the awards. WTF? That confused me ... oh well, I hear some of them went to line up for the Duel Jewel concert. When we were in the green room, someone started annoucing the award winners so they could get lined up to head out on stage. We were number 36 ... they announced number 35 .... 37 ... then us! 36! Oh man, my heart lept. We won SOMETHING. But they didn't tell us what. So, we had to wait. The sound wasn't so great in the green room, so we didn't know what awards we won until like, after we'd gotten the trophy and our bag of goods. Then, there were a ton more pictures with our trophy. Suddenly, the announcer from the Masquerade said that Duel Jewel wanted to meet us. We felt honored. When we were ushered in to the area tha Duel Jewel was setting up for their concert, we waited outside. Some words were exchanged, the boys looked quizzically at us, and then the announcer guy came back saying, "There was a mix up ... it appears they didn't want to see you guys .. " o ... kay ... oh well. It's not like we haven't seen them before ... I mean, we got drunk with them Friday night. So, we go back to the turd, stand around for a bit, more pictures taken, we decide to migrate over to the 13 member VHD: Bloodlust group and chat with them. I hugged the Meir *_* he was so hot XD. D talked to us, he recognized us from last year, "You guys were the ones that had your music lost, right?" hehe, yeah we were ... we talked to the carmilla, she said that one guy made all 13 costume. They were really amazing! They said that his sewing machine broke while he was making them, so a lot of the costumes parts were stapled and such. They should've won something. Their skit wasn't so great, but their costumes were amazing! Jen and I are going to be D and Meir next year.

We stand around for a bit more, and then the fire alarm goes off. I hate fire alarms. Some people say we're suppose to evacuate, some say we don't have to. Well, we decide to evacuate, the cool air feels good against our hot costume wrapped bodies. We head back in and go get our costumes off, more hillarity ensues, then we just totally CRASH. My feet, surprizingly, survived the entire weekend in those shoes. Bunny was ok, Jen was dying, Adam was fine. It was all good. We crashed and burned, after taking showers to get rid of all of our make up.

Sunday: I woke up the next morning rather early, got dressed in my Hatusharu costume, then helped Keidy with her costume wig and such, and I headed down there alone in my moo shoes. I get into the dealers room and see Sam. She looks soooo dead. Poor thing :( I'm looking at JRock CDs when suddenly, I feel this arm around my neck, pulling my head to the side. I'm thinking it's Jen or something, or at least someone I know. Then I feel this tongue lick up the side of my neck ... I turn around, and it's this girl that I've never seen before. I look at her with a sour look, and just turn back around.

That was the weirdest experience EVER ... oh well ... uhm ... if you're out there, girl ... don't ever do that to me again ...

I get back to the room to pack and such, check out, get everyone out of the room. We have too much shit to bring back with us on the El, so the General and I head back to my dorm to get my car to drive back to the hotel. We get switched around, going the wrong drection, Sam has to leave soon, she's getting freaked out that she won't be able to see me before she left. I get there at 4:30, her flight's at 5:30. She's freaking out, I feel bad. I take her to the Taxi's and she heads out. I felt like crying, not because she was really stressed, but because I was gonna miss her.

I head back home to my dorm with General and Bunny in my car, and all of our luggage. Said goodbye to Beru, she Jen and Keidy head off on the El out to Midway. Jen gets to my dorm, Keidy and Beru go out to Midway, because Keidy lives out there.

We get back, try to hook up with Fundy, and then we head out to Chinatown for dinner. We go to Joy Yee's, order TONS of food. I'm soooo fucking tired, we start laughing about something and I just can't stop laughing and I start to CRY I'm laughing so hard. Like, really really crying. It was hillarious. Fundy pays for our food, we head back. Fundy and General head off in their separate directions and then we come back here and crash again.

Monday: We get up after sleeping in nice and late, we get up and head out and about town. We go to Clark and Belmont, go to this mall not far from my building, Bunny went to get her film developed, we ate at Panera, decide to head out to Wicker Park for some enjoyment of some shops, and then we start worrying about our photo shoot. We can't get anyone to be there for us, so we decide to postpon it until a later date, sometime this summer. Bunny's keeping her Gekka Mana here, so she doesn't have to take it back with her. Then, we watched more Rejected, Billy's Balloon, the opening of Interview with a Vampire, and I somehow fell asleep while Bunny uploaded some pictures to Story and LJ and her server. I didn't realize it but I'd fallen asleep on my two pillows, plus the one that Jen brought. I woke up at like, 8 and realized that I'd done that, and Bunny was sleeping on the floor with just a bunched up end of my sleeping bag for her pillow XD. So, I threw my pillow down at her and fell back asleep.

She's currently asleep on my bed right now ^_^ so's Yuki ... we need to get food ...

Whew, that was LOOOOOONG. I'm sure I left out a lot of stuff, but those were the true highlights ^_^

lilacwire I MISS YEW!!!!! ;_;
toshimasa I MISS YEW TOO!!!!!!!!! ;_;
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Bunny! You left your ... hyoscyamine pills in my room O_o I hope they're not those pills you have to take 6 a day of or anything ... I'll mail them to you ASAP. Along with Sam's cream.

Bunny's gone ... I miss her ;___; I miss Sam too ... and Dormouse and Beru and just EVERYONE! I MISS EVERYONE!!!! I tried so hard not to cry when friends left. It's hard for me to think about it. Whenever I do, I get a little teary. :(

But it's alright! Bunny has to come back. I have her 'stume *evil laughter*

We couldn't get the photoshoot done, so she's coming back sometime in the summer and we're gonna get together again to do it. Got more pictures, including like .. just ONE of me in my Hatsuharu coat :( A few people took my picture on Sunday, but not Fans View d00d. Or or Linus or any of the other ppl that have webpages dedicated to cosplay ... well, hey lilacwire did you get a picture of me?

I hate having to go back to reality *pout*
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