May 15th, 2003


And now, angry ticks will fly from my nipples ...

Wow, people really liked my Hair video. I wanted to go first to get it done with. Jen's in my class right now. Her cel just rang. It was her mom. Silly mom ...

Made the Mana sign ... gotta print it out. Hopefully at the break, Jen and I will leave to the print room and print out this sign and then go get breakfast and head on our way to O'Hare!

We're meeting Keidy (no, not Sam) at the O'Hare El station. She needs me to do a little alteration on her kimono. She lives out by Midway. Midway is like, the complete opposite direction from O'Hare. Poor girl! It's gonna take her 1 1/2 hours to get out there!

Wow, I'm really not paying much attention. That person just got totally bashed for her shitty video. All it was was a bunch of images from this girls birthday party.

Yay! Rachel's video is up! I looooove her video so much. It's beautiful. Black and white images, no sound. It was amazing.

Jen's drawing D for me in my sketchbook, wee! D!

I want to leeeeave now. I need foood. I woke up this morning with a reeeally bad stomach ache, and even felt sick to my stomach. I don't think I've ever been so nervous in my life. It's not even Saturday yet! RAAH! ><

I gotta calm down. I have to relax. Once the Kami pants are done, maybe I can get to relaxing ... e.e;
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