May 14th, 2003



Ok, so I'm chuging this double esspreso shot cookies and creme chillichino, hoping that the caffiene will kick in soon.

I actually slept in today! Shock! I woke up at 8 instead of 5 or 6. Good times. I also was laying in bed, staring at the ceiling until 2 in the morning, just thinking. Thinking about EVERYTHING. How I'm going to pack everything, bring everything, make sure people have their costumes that I made for them, get the snack food, worrying about my car, hoping it wont get towed ...

I'm very very close to finishing the Momiji hat with bunny ears. I'm afraid they look a little more like dog ears than bunny ears. But with the whole costume, I think people will understand that it's Momiji. I didn't like them with the wire coat hangers in them. I may make the coat hangers shorter, so they stand up just a bit and flop over. That might look good. They don't look too bad now without any coat hangers. And you can play with the position of the ears a lot more. Once I add the wire, you can't really do that.

Gotta remember to bring EVERYTHING that I need. I need to bring like ... 2 pairs of boots, my kozi shoes, moo shoes, regular shoes. I don't have that big of a suitcase. I'm going to probably have Jen carry my Kozi outfit in with her Yu~ki and Gackt ones. Maybe put Kami in there too. Then the hats, mine Kamis and Yu~ki's have to go somewhere where they won't get crushed. Then my Oasis sack (probably just ball it up and bring it in a garbage bag O_o ), then my Haru coat, the Momiji hat, the rest of my Haru outfit. And then the 3 huge make-up bags, and then other clothing ... waah, so much to remember ><

Oh well, I think the esspresso is kickin' in ... it's CLEANING tiiiime! *wooosh*