May 13th, 2003


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I've never been in so much pain before in my life. I've never wanted to die more than I do right now ... I'm just glad it's happening now and not this weekend. I've never has menstrul cramps that were this god damn bad *ever*. I want to curl up in bed and roll around in agony until it stops. But I can't. I have a project due in class today. I'm skipping my Math class Thursday, so I have to go today. And I didn't go to my video class last week, so I have to go to it today too. Maybe for only half the time tho.

I wish I had some pain killers ... *looks to roommate's collection of pill bottles* <_< I've decided that I'm going to make the Kami cummerbun some time today or tomorrow. I just know it needs to be at least 32 in. for Kaede's sake. I'm gonna hold off and last-minute the pants. Still not quite sure how I'm going to put on the appliques ... By the way, I woke up at 5:15 this morning .... yay ....
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I'm a baaaaaad student. I couldn't go to class. I've been working on my Haru gloves ... need to fix up my Haru coat, make the buckles >< but I need to nap ... then eat ... then work s'more. Jen's coming Wed night. I have another blanket and an extra pillow in my car, plus I have my sleeping bag in there too. Still need like ... a few more blankets for floor bedding. Maybe I can borrow some stuff from friends in the dorm?

Oh yes, and those UPasses I'm trying to get for you kyolicious and toshimasa might ... not be easy to get ... but I think they have those 5-day unlimited passes and stuff, I think.

Sorry guys ;_; Plan for possibly paying for a few El rides. Just a few. It's $1.50 a ride. Except within 3 hours of using the pass the first time, it's only $.30. Even sooner than that, it's only like, $.15. Something like that ...

I think I'm gonna ... take a nap now ... *flop*

Grrraaaa, need to figure out Momiji hat >< *flail*
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