May 12th, 2003


Wooooo hooooo!

Jen's packed up. Her room is empty. Such a change from the insanity of that room as I've seen it over the year.

I need to drive up to her dorm now, have her load my car up, because she needs to be out of the building by 2:30 tomorrow, but no one can come get her until 3:30, so she's gonna come chill over by my place and stuff. Or something ...

I got half of a glove finished for Haru. I decided not to use my original gloves, because they were turning everything red. So I got some good cheap pleather in red and white and I'm going to make gloves. Never made gloves before, but the tumb so far turned out really really good. It's the middle fingers that are prooving very annoying. Hand sewing might need to be done ...

Time to head for Jen's now! Wee!

I'll talk to you soon, kyolicious about de skit shtuff