May 9th, 2003


d00t d00t d00t ...

Went to be EARLY last night, very upset with the world. Woke up this morning at 6, couldn't really get back to sleep. Rolled around for 15 minutes, finally just got up.

I was dreaming last night about the things I still need to do on my 'stumes. And I was thinking about getting my hair cut today. I don't know what to even ask them to do this time. I don't want it Potter short. I just want it trimmed, with a few layers for spike'age.

So ... yeah ... maybe I'll bring in a picture of Potter and just say I want it a bit longer than that ...

Speaking of hair, I'm gonna see if I can bug Ann to put my 5 mb video up on her webspace so I can show you guys my Hair video :D Jen loves it.

Gotta bring home Kozi shoes to have them re-painted (because the acryllic clear coat is making them look SHITTY), bring home Kami jacket to add a few more rows of trim, bring home Haru coat to iron and finish with buckles, and just bring Vash, Kaoru, Legolas and Jedi cloak home for safe keeping.

Looks like it's going to be decent for ACen weekend. Highs in the 60's, not much rain. Good ... good good good. Can't have it rain on our photoshoot day.

Oh, toshimasa and lilacwire ... have you figured out a way of transporting my coat back to me? ^_^;

And lilacwire, how's Kozi going? Still doing PALAPL Gaku? ^_^

Just checking up on all of my buddah's ... the biiig weekend is only a week away! *panic!*
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Wake me up!

So ... got a letter today from DePaul saying I've been accepted into the Theatre school ...

Well, that's fine and dandy, if it wouldn't take me 6 years to get a bachelors degree ...

I'm staying with LA&S, I'm going for a Communications Art & Design major, which is actually what I thought 'computer graphics' was. So, I'm doing that.

No more costuming? Well, no. Not for a career. I'm still going to do cosplay. But I don't think a career in that is such a wise choice. From what I got from Janet, it's a TOUGH business. Making all these things for other people ... I'd rather just make things for myself, friends, and perhaps a few customers. I'm still going to learn more than the basics of sewing. Summer school classes perhaps.

I've been wait listed for housing. Basically .. that means off campus housing, commuting, or hoping my 'rents will cave and let me stay at DoM *crosses fingers*

I told them that if I did stay there next year, I would promise to take Winter and Summer school classes. It will help me, and it will benifit me in more than one way!

Bought Gekka Gacktly shoulder/arm thingies today. Not *exactly* like his, but they will do, with a little bit of tweeking. I just hope Jen likes them ... I spent $17 on 4 appliques O_o And they were in the clearance bin! They were originally $7.50 each

Then I got two shoulder dealies that are pretty and gold. The things Gaku has on his outfit look shitty. I hate the shoulder details he's got. The ones I bought are much much nicer :P Adding a bit of the left over trim (Jen used all 10 yards of it O_o) to make it look a bit more uniform and it's all done.

I'm going to work on Hatsuharu tonight, and add more ... trim ... to ... Kami, FUCK I forgot my glue gun AND my liquid stitch >< grrrah, maybe hand sewing then? :O

Got my tax return direct deposited into my account. Now, must be careful with spending all money at ACen *_* Kaede, Dormouse, Bunny .... if I start to buy a hat, a poster, any pins or pockey, stop me ... shirts, doujinshi's, mangas, and a JRock CD are ok ^_^
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