May 6th, 2003


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You are Gambit!

You are a fierce fighter and a good friend to have.
Your preference for solitude and your
attractiveness make you very intriguing to
those you meet. Unfortunately, close
relationships are few and far between for you
because you often have trouble opening up to

Which X-Men character are you most like?
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Kick ass! I wish Gambit was in this movie ...

Back to class, learning about iMovie, wee ...

Wait, one more quiz ;)
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HELL YES!! is going to have a convention HERE IN CHICAGO!! That's so awesome!! Another con to add to my list of ones I'll have to go to ... they haven't chosen a date yet, but Chicago will be the location.

Kick ... ass!!!

Jen and I have already decided on our October Amine Reactor con 'stumes. She's gonna do R&R Gackt, I might do black Vash Gackt, or PALAPL Gackt. Then we're gonna do Bara no Seido Yu~Ki and Kozi (looking for a Mana, if Bunny can't come ... I think she'll be in Japan then ... )

w00t! I'm not paying attention at ALL to what my teacher is saying ...