May 5th, 2003


*le sigh*

Wow, there goes my old high school bus ... good God, that brings back really urksome memories of Hinsdale Central ... *shudder*
Nothing like being up at 8 am for no particular fuckin' reason. Well, I do have things to do. I need to figure out what sort of ... tie contraption Kami wears and figure out if I should make it or buy it. Damn him and all his white shirt-ness! Jen says we can use her Gardenia Yu~Ki shirt. Which is good, because that thing is huge. It fits me, so it should be no problem fitting Kaede ...

Need to call Home Depot and see if anyone has my phone. If not, dad's taking me to get a new one :\I don't know if I'm getting a new number, or if I can stick with my old one. But I'm going to be needing pplz numbers again, maybe ...

I also need to get some red ribbon. I'm not wearing tulle on my Kozi shoes. I don't really want to wear anything because I'm so paranoid that I'm going to catch the heel of my shoe on them and fall flat on my fuckin' butt. Can't have that!

Talked to the Masq guy. He said they're taking 20 more entries for the Masq, and that we have to be there for the Friday eve interview thing. I think we can do that. This time, let's hope we have the music ready and not still flying across the country ... and maybe get Bunny's last name right ;)

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I wonder what person thought that putting two separate people's lips together would mean something so romantic and loving (to some people)

I mean ... it just seems so .. weird. People look like they're trying to eat one another. Hmmm ...

[/random thought]

off to the Home Depot to see if they have my mobile :D
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