May 3rd, 2003



First day back working at Home Depot, such a bloody-fucking eventful day, it pisses me off ...

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Oh yeah, and I lost my fucking cell phone. This irritates me SO MUCH. I never ... ever .. EVER loose things. Never! I have a good feeling it was stolen.I had it in my apron. I use it to tell the time, because I don't wear a watch any more. The only time it ever came out of my apron was to check the time when writing strips and change orders for bookkeeping. I searched ALL the registers, I searched the floor all the way from the front end to the break room. Nothing. FUCK!

I tried calling, that was no use. I changed my message, saying my phone was lost. *sigh*

I remember that one part in FATF, when Brian finally tells his love interest that he's been an undercover cop. He calls ... someone, and reads off his badge number to do a cell phone trace. I wonder if that's real or not.

ANd the worst part is that it's on silent. So even if I call it a bajillion times, I won't hear it ring ... FUCK ><

Now I'm gonna have to pay another $50 and get a new phone ... I need it before I get back to school on Monday. I need it before ACen! >OO! It has the damn confirmation number on it for the hotel. DAMNIT!

I'm going out to see X2 now ... I need a break, and a good movie to watch ...
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