May 2nd, 2003


Oh ... my ... god ...


I slept until 9:15 instead of being rudly awakened by the drills at 7 am. 2 hours extra of sleep is a good thing. I wish I could've slept in longer, but I think some maintenance guys were in the lounge next to my room, removing the broken microwave from its hard knox protection to the counter. The new one isn't even that protected ...

Lots of dreams last night. But the main focus was one where Collapse )

You know Bunny! You're awesome (unless you
cheated, then you suck)! Go to and choose a
door of happy ogling! Thanks for playing!

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SW33T, go me

Ha! I cheated and looked in all the doors :P
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I love playing phone tag ...

My call to Home Depot today:

someone in the phone room picks up really quickly, I wait for 10 minutes untill the head cashier finally picks up. I was in the middle of saying, "What the fuck?" beacuse I had been waiting too long already, and suddenly, Donna (my front end supervisor) gets on the phone. I almost cussed at her for no reason.

I'm still on the phone, typing with one hand, waiting for Donna to return to the phone with the war board to put me on the schedule for the weekend. Good thing I didn't call yesterday, or I'd have to work today, and I'm still down town.

I really don't want to shadow someone tomorrow. I know what I'm doing. I may need someone on the register next to me, but I don't want to shadow.

Still on the phone, 5 minutes of waiting ...

Aparently Donna tried to call me yesterday. I didn't get a single phone call yesterday. boo hoo ;_;

Still waiting ...

Still waiting ... I thought Home Depot pirded themselves on their customer service and associate treatment? This doesn't seem very "Home Depot" like behavior ... *sigh *


Still waiting ... did she forget me? I can't belive I'm typing this with one hand .,.

Got out the hands free headset ... can't hold to ear forever. I hate these small cel phones ...

Haha, I can hear the sensormatic in the background ...

I'm eavesdropping on this persons conversation ... something about how "I can't do that day ... "

In other news, (while still waiting for Donna to retunr) I fixed up a few things on costumes. I made Oasis a bit better, I sewed the cape onto my Kozi tunic, and modified the shoulder detail things and sewed those on. I gave the fraying edges a haircut and now I'm adding no-fray to the edges, hoping that'll work to end fraying for good. I also added a clasp to the Kami coat, last night. I'm gonna cut out the pattern for the pants today, very soon.

I think Donna forgot me ... grrr ... how the hell long does it take to get the war board?! It should've been in her hands, or right next to her! Damn, woman!

What ... the ... FUCK!

She just hung up on me!! WHAT A BITCH! Oh my god ... that's ... grr! FINE BITCH! I'M NOT WORKING TOMORROW! *huff*

Back to work on costume anti-fraying ... che, stupid Darian store ... I want to go back to Downers Grove!
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