May 1st, 2003


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20 years ago: I was swimming around in my birth mothers womb, waiting to be born on November 26th

10 years ago: I was playing around, being a kid, no troubles in the world, other than which piece o fplayground equipment to play on ...

5 years ago: I was in jr. high, I was an outcast, I was friends with the only girl that everyone didn't like, and I had more friends younger than me than any kids in my own grade ... I actually had no close friends in my own grade, except for Emilyn ... I'm so surprised I still remember that ...

3 years ago: I was feeling really depressed, because the Petras Heather situation reared its ugly head. From then on, I haven't really been the same person ...

one year ago: I was sure that I wanted to go into a Japanese major

yesterday: was woken up at 7:35, despite having no classes ... worked on some sewing projects, cleaned room, went swimming, helped Jen move some stuff from her dorm with the use of my car ... enjoyed the wonderful thunderstorm as well

today: Just got out of class, thinking of taking a nap, getting food perhaps ...

tomorrow: Need to figure things out for ACen and the Kami situation ... *sigh* then probably ... go to Clark and Belmont ... or something ... maybe catch up on sleep ... yeah ...

Once again, dealing with the issue of diversity in Chicago, I saw a teen today that looked a lot like Percy Weasley. He had the curly hair and glasses and everything. Kind of a cross between the movie version and the idea I have of the book version ...

My montage project went over well. People were confused, they had no idea what it was (I didn't expect many people to understand it ... ) and we talked about mine more than everyone elses.

The teach talked about our final project, and how we can elaborate on projects we've done already ... I'm not sure if I want to make more collages of HP, or do something completely different.

For this next introductory project, we have to find 20 images dealing with evolving over time ... I think I'm going to do my continually evolving hairstyles. I'm sure I could come up with 20 images of that ...

I had a dream that the last person we could find to fill in the Kami spot was Petras. We had been joking about this earlier in the day when I had a really strong feeling Starrla would back out, or something would happen ... and Petras asked "What do you need me to do? What costume do you want me to wear?"

I just chuckled loudly. Petras in pink ... and sure enough, I had a dream about that. He was wearing the Kami costume, but it didn't look good on him because he was so big, and so manly, and the costume didn't fit, and he kept falling on his platform shoes ... and people were laughing at me because of it ... *sigh*

I think I'm gonna nap ...

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That's your horoscope for today ...

My phone's horoscope: The fun is still to come. This is about paying the bills. There may be surprises.


Snarf, I'm hungry ...

Edit: "Julie, why does your PHONE have a horoscope?"
Well, my phone has a birthday and all ...
I meant MY horoscope for Sag ...
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My thought for the day ...

I don't know how many of you have experienced this, or if this is only my experience.

Friends that suddenly get girl/boyfriends no longer are your friend. No matter how much they still try and hang out with you, you still talk less, hang out less with them, sometimes even feel awkward around them.

Well, that's how it is for me. That's why I'm glad to have Jen for a best friend. Considering my first "best friend" left me for my high school crush of 4 years. Yeah, I've bitched about that in the past and all. Another example is Andrew, also a close DePaul friend. He started dating Callie, another friend of mine, a few months ago. I hardly ever talk to him, or her really. We used to go to the cafe on a daily basis together. Now I'm lucky to even catch him at work once a week.

It's really depressing. Knowing friends for so long, and then loosing them to boy/girlfriends. It makes me realize how ... stupid relationships are. If I had no friends, yes, then I would date. I just can't see dating someone, getting into any form of a relationship with someone, and then having to spend all of my time with them and end up loosing friends over it.

In the end, friends are always better than boy/girlfriends. Think about it. Once you break up with someone, there's always that "let's still be friends!" bullshit that just makes everything seem even more awkward.

Hence the reason I don't want a relationship. I don't want to loose Jen. She's such an awesome friend. I can't do that to her.

And now, for a pointless quiz!

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amazing ...
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